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Here at Global Auctioneers, it is all systems go at all times. Vendors and customers are constantly in and out of our doors. The forklifts are always zooming around. And it is rare to see empty space on the shelves.

But have you ever wondered what really happens inside the auction house? How does it operate? And what does it take to work inside the auction house?

‘On your toes’ is an understatement

Being ‘on your toes’ is a complete understatement when it comes to Global Auctioneers. After launching our 8th weekly auction, we have such a massive variety of stock entering and exiting our doors. From mobiles and luxury handbags, to sofas, rugs and everything in between, the Global team is on a continuous battle against time to lot up, catalogue and auction off the stock.

So, who sends the stock in?

We have multiple vendors who we sell ex-stock, surplus stock, customer returns and ex-display on their behalf from massive brands such as Wayfair, John Lewis and Debenhams. With deliveries coming in almost every day, we have plenty to be getting on with.

How does the stock make its way to the auction room?

We get deliveries coming in almost every day, bringing in a massive range of stock from sofas, to designer bags, household appliances, to clothing and soft furnishings! When the stock arrives at the warehouse, our staff carefully and considerately ensure what arrives is accounted for on the manifest. Essentially, our vendors will send us a list of stock to come in and we align their list, with ours. This system is called lotting up and cataloging.

Lotting up is simply the process where we assign a number to a particular item. When you see the ‘sold as seen’ sticker, it has the lot number printed on it. The numbers make it easier for us to put items on the catalogue. It is also an effective system for you to come and view the items and ensure you are viewing the correct items.

To read more about what ‘sold as seen’ means and other auction advice, click here.

The lotting up of items is done manually, with each of the warehouse staff photographing and describing each of the items that enter the auction house. Staff use a dictaphone and transcription software to lot up the stock, which speeds up the process of transcribing in-house.

When we catalogue the items, this is when the stock is put online for you to see. This job varies in its intensity, with auctions such as our Wednesday and Saturday General sales having over 1000 items (each needing to be put online separately)!


Here is the lifecycle of stock at our auction house.

It is then up to front office to proof read the catalogues to ensure they are correct, showcasing the correct RRP and lot number.

How long does it take to set up an auction?

For the General auctions, it can take anywhere between one day and three days to set up an auction. This includes lotting up and cataloging the items, displaying and tidying the area, so we can host viewings. The items have got to be somewhere easily accessible for customers to view the items because this is an integral part in the auction process. 

What happens after the auction?

After auctions, bidders either pay online or in person. If you pay in person, you will be able to collect your items, but if you cannot make it to the warehouse, we have an in-house shipping department. Our shipping has currently shipped to over 20 countries!

As you can see, we are constantly busy and it takes many cogs to keep the auctions ticking! 

We hope this gives you a lot more insight into the daily runnings of Global Auctioneers and how we operate as an auction house!

We hope to see you very soon!

Love, the Global Auctioneers Team x

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