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At the end of last week, the second I heard Mr Johnson was loosening those shackles (que Mary Mary) I put pen to paper and started writing the next instalment of Global’s blogs.
Summer Lovin’ – the sun was shining it was soon to be weekend and Lockdown was looking to be no more. 2020 was looking more desirable.
Then low and behold reality set in as the ever-changing English weather kicked in, with a crash and a rumble of thunder.
This set the tone for my new blog. Change and uncertainty. Two things that this year is trying to force us to adapt to. We have all been affected in some way and no doubt 2020 will scarcely be spoken about, like Voldemort in Harry Potter it will be whispered about and referenced as ‘the year that shall not be named’.

As much as we have struggled and fought through those hurdles, luckily Global Auctioneers have triumphed through and we have ALL of our wonderful customers to thank for that. Success after success in a time where nothing is guaranteed is an accomplishment. We are hoping that the Live stream of our Saturday Auctions and our many weekly online Auctions has helped our customers through some difficult times and kept you occupied during self-isolation.

As much as Global has triumphed – remember there are humans behind the logo with real emotions and every one of us has faced our challenges this year.  We all have our ways to deal with uncertainty – many members of Team Global threw themselves into work, me on the other hand, I am currently tapping away on my phone at 9 pm cuddled up next to my 8-year-old, writing this blog. As well as working non-stop, Motherhood is also how I cope with uncertainty.

We would love to hear your tips for surviving the unknown.

Have Global’s many Auctions helped? We hope so!

We know one thing for certain – our Live Auction will be EVERY Saturday 10 am prompt! Please come and see us this Saturday 4th July – we promise a jam-packed entertaining day with THOUSANDS of bargains to be won. We aim to add a little hope again. We will all triumph through uncertainty together.

Stay safe and just keep swimming…


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