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2020 is going to be a Year that we won’t forget in a hurry. It’s the first Pandemic that I have lived through, in my 27 years on this crazy roller coaster of a life. Like most in today’s society I suffer a great deal from anxiety – this means that finding a way to keep my anxiety levels to a minimum is a personal priority of mine. So, as you can imagine during this uncertain time, I am on the search for new ways to stay ‘Zen’.

I started at home (my safe space). Finding ways to keep my house as relaxing as possible after a busy working day.

Lighting, whether it’s a Table Lamp, Floor Lamp or Ceiling Light can completely set the mood of a room. Neutral tones such as; Antique Brass is a fantastic undertone to make a room feel Zen – team an Antique Brass Ceiling Light up with a Wall Clock to create a relaxing Living Room/Bedroom. Alternatively, a more modern look with a Chrome Ceiling Light teamed up with Grey tones will create a crisper clean effect. This is my personal favourite, as keeping things clean and sparkling is my go-to stress relief.

Tidying away the unnecessary clutter and keeping it organised can free the mind. A cluttered life = A cluttered mind. Storage boxes go along way and can be used for ultimately everything, whether it’s a Jar, a box or a basket.

Your home should invite you to escape from your busy life…

Is your room feeling too cold and bare? Add a soft touch with a few scatter cushions and a luxury throw. The little additions really make a room ‘homely’.

Renovating keeps the mind busy. Here at Global Auctioneers we strive to keep up with today’s trends as well as catering to everyone’s taste/needs/wants.

Our Auctions are jam packed with Furniture, Lighting items, Furnishings and so much more to really kit out each room in the house.

Make 2020 a more positive one. The Year you made your home more ‘Zen’ with Global.

Remember, your home is your ‘safe place’ – make it cosy.

Stay safe and well,


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