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*Disclaimer* Always read the label before using any products or cleaning methods.

When you think of designer brands, Gucci, Hermes, Prada and Burberry come to mind. These symbols of excessive wealth draped over a lucky wearer represent the epitome of style and class in a timeless, stitched masterpiece.

Our new partnership with the Global Luxury Group has revolutionised our luxury sale, now a bi-weekly affair. With the possibility of nabbing up to 90 per cent off the retail price in some of the most sought after and competitive auctions, it seems crazy to not get stuck in. And with an immense resale value, ranging from around 70 per cent to over 200 per cent of the retail price, bidding for these timeless classics seems a no brainer.

Let’s fast forward to Sunday evening.

You have just won your dream bag. You can now flaunt it, match it and adore it. But, to keep it safe, to keep it beautiful and clean, there are some tips and tricks you need to be aware of, to keep your purse pristine.


Now storage is incredibly important. The biggest threat to luxury material takes the form of a teeny tiny nightmare.


Dust is made up of atmospheric particles, including skin, faecal matter and pollen. Penetrating every surface, dust ruins electricals, causes annoyance to your nose and eyes, and most importantly, your designer bag.

So, it is generally recommended that you keep your most prized possession in a dust-proof bag/the original box it came in and store that in a safe space.

This will help to prevent excessive wear to the material, protecting it from scratches, dust and direct sunlight.


Removing any dust and marks from your designer bag should be done with a soft cloth or brush. If the mark is particularly tough, you can use luke-warm water to gently remove the mark.

It is a rule of thumb that you don’t put your designer bag in harm’s way, namely by food and other such mess.

In certain cases when there is a particularly tough mark, steam cleaners can be used to both remove marks and disinfect.


Once the bag has been cleaned, you can purchase leather protection kits, which nourish the leather and keep it looking fresh. After all, leather is skin. So ensuring you have the right protection for it is vital.

Usually, when you apply the protection cream, after cleaning the bag, you should leave it on for about 10 minutes and then buff any extra off. If the bag is made of light leather, the protection process may be required a few times to look after the stained leather.

It is always necessary to spot test the cleaning/care product on the material prior to using it all over the bag because some products may contain chemicals which could cause discolouration and further damage.

With the possible resale value as high as previously stated, it is therefore vital to ensure you take extra precautionary steps to keep your designer purse looking brand spanking new!

We hope these tips come in handy and we will look forward to seeing you on Sunday!


All the best,

the Global Auctioneers Team x


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