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Question and Answer session with Marcel Duffy

Marcel Duffy, Managing Director and Founder at Global Auctioneers, provides his insights on the past year at Global and future initiatives in an exclusive Q&A session.

Over the past few months the UK has slowly emerged from a national lockdown. How has returning to normality affected Global and what changes have you implemented to reflect the re-opening of society?

I don’t think we are back to normality yet. I think people are still finding their feet and in a safe way we are trying to provide the customers what they want.

It seems that being locked down for nearly two years has changed the psyche of the customer given people have realised how easy it is to buy online.

This is a challenge, as we want to return to live sales and we have a great café on-site. We want to bring back some of the traditional elements of auctioneering with the buzz of a live auction along with people milling around having a conversation like the good old days.

It’s an ongoing challenge and one we are fighting head on.

Has Global been impacted by the HGV driver shortage and supply chain disruptions?

It has been difficult, but it has also been tough for a lot of companies. We are receiving delays when collecting stock from our suppliers with the current UK-wide shortage of drivers.

As a whole, we aren’t doing too bad, as we have a buffer of surplus stock in our warehouse, but it is difficult to plan sales and get a good mix of stock in each auction.

If loads are delayed then it has an impact on our sales, but overall we are in a good position with the amount of buffer of stock we have in place.

How is Global preparing for the busy Christmas period?

Crikey, you can’t really prepare. We get to Christmas battered and bruised and it gets very busy almost like flicking a switch.

We don’t prepare; we know what is coming, what to expect and its business as usual. Quarter one from January to March should also exceptionally busy and historically has always been.

In the main, we are busy every week and have that many bargains at Global so our sales are packed to the rafters. Long may that continue, as we want to continue providing those bargains and get them out there to the masses.


What stock can we expect to see going through the auction house in the next few months? 

We already have some very big vendors on our books, but we have recently landed a contract with a very well-known online supplier.

This vendor will complement the array of quality bargains already available in our auctions from existing suppliers.

Our customers will see amazing things towards the back end of this year and throughout 2022. Here at Global we have worked hard to source higher quality and more desirable stock and I think all the hard work over the past year has really paid off.

There are some big things to come in 2022!

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