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With the British high street struggling more than ever and people being more cautious than before, the hunt for a good deal has never been so popular.

The problems facing the struggling British high street are definitely not a secret. Over the past few years, the landscape has changed dramatically, once a destination visited by the whole family, the British high street has struggled to keep up with changing shopping habits and the rise of online. 2020 has only highlighted these problems, the pandemic was the last straw for many historic retailers such as Debenhams and Arcadia, brands that used to be leaders.

An uneasy time for the high street partnered with many people earning less due to furlough or redundancy, means many are being more cautious with their money and want to spend it better. Due to restrictions, in-house auctions are on hold however online auctions are incredibly popular and a fabulous way to shop, with a huge variety of products and massive savings of up to 80%-90%, they offer people the chance to shop without breaking the bank.

Easy and simple

Navigating an online auction is easy and straightforward, there’s a huge number of items to choose from and you can do it from anywhere in the world, at any time. They offer a stress-free shopping experience, especially for people who feel they don’t have the time and are new to auctions. The process is incredibly simple, and the platform is easy to use, with the software doing all the work for you.

Saving your pennies

Auctions give you the opportunity to get massive savings on popular, high quality products. Many people buy items with at 80-90% off the RRP, discounts you would unlikely ever see on the high street or online.


With more and more people looking to integrate sustainability into their life’s, auctions are a fabulous way to find the brands you know and love, while also being able to get rid of unwanted items, in an environmentally friendly way. Buying and selling at an auction is probably the most traditional way to recycle your stuff, rather than buying new from a retailer, an auction means you’re getting the same product yet aren’t adding to a landfill. Auctions are also a great place to find items that may need up-cycling, taking a low-cost product and making it something unique.

As we near the end of 2020, it has become clear that people are learning to use both their time and money differently and cautiously. More and more of us are going to be savvy with our hard-earned cash and want a trusting alternative to the high-street and online retailers. As auction houses have entered the digital age, they are only going to grow in popularity with more people being interested than ever before.

So now you know the positives of using an auction house, will you be changing your shopping habits? Let us know in the comments!

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